Mike Mysteries wins Best Film at 2021 Albuquerque 48 Hour Film Project

We won best editing, best direction, best supporting actor in a comedic role, the audience award, and best film at the 2021 Albuquerque 48 Hour Film Project!

We did it! 1 month after a mad, 48-hour dash of creating, performing, shooting, editing, and submitting our mockumentary, Mike Mysteries, we won a bunch of awards!

  • Best Performance in Comedic Supporting Role (James Rodriguez)
  • Audience Award, Group A
  • Best Editing
  • Best Directing
  • Best Film

Behind the Scenes Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes Behind the Scenes Behind the Scenes

Shout out to our whole crew!

  • Jordyn Bernicke
  • Jacklyn Le
  • Helen Atkins
  • Damian Arya
  • Ryan Lewis
  • Sam Reed
  • Adrian Lopez
  • Alonso Indacochea
  • Taryn Bernicke
  • Nathan Moats
  • Jay Renteria
  • Frank Rangel
  • Will Geusz
  • Matthew Atkins

And special shout out to our award-winning actor, James Rodriguez!

behind the scenes

Also -- thanks to Blue Sky Landscape Services and Willin and Chillin Arts for their support.

More info on the film here.

The End!
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