Accessory to Murder

Dark horror comedy

Accessory to Murder is a horror comedy short shot in December 2022 at the Corrales Community Library in Corrales, New Mexico. We created two different edits: one for festivals and one invoking sitcoms of the 80s and 90s.accessory


Directed by Austin Madrid
Written by Kathleen Holscher, Alonso Indacochea & Ryan Lewis
Original Music by Matthew Atkins
Edited by Jay Renteria & Kaidin Jarjusey
Produced by Alonso Indacochea & Jade Stokes

Assistant Camera — Walker Martin & Jay Renteria
Sound — Frank Rangel, Caine Deegan & Matthew Atkins
Grip & Gaffer — Colby Petropoulos
Assistant Grip — Jordyn Bernicke
Script Supervisor — James Rodriguez
Hair & Makeup — Jacklyn Le & Jordyn Bernicke
Costumes — Jacklyn Le
Props — Camille Carlson
Special Effects — Jacqueline Hosek & Jacklyn Le
Coloring — Austin Madrid
Production Assistants — Kaidin Jarjusey & Taryn Bernicke
Catering — Matthew Rodriguez

Sitcom Edit by Kaidin Jarjusey

Special Thanks - Corrales Community Library, Rodriguez Catering Co., Story Quest Studios, MOOD


The Regular — Benjamin Fuller
Willa — Jade Stokes
Mel — Camille Carlson
Voice of the fetus — Kaidin Jarjusey


Behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes Behind the Scenes Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes Behind the Scenes Behind the Scenes

Festival Edit

Sitcom Edit

The Converger
The Dust Wave Show