Red Pillow

Horror commercial parody

Red Pillow is a horror commercial parody created for submission to the 2022 All Hallows' Eve Halloween Short Film Festival. Shot over two evenings in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Directed by Alonso Indacochea & Jay Renteria
Written by Alonso Indacochea
Produced by Alonso Indacochea
Cinematography — Jay Renteria
Colorist — Jay Renteria
Special Effects — James Rodriguez, Matthew Atkins & Kaidin Jarjusey
Makeup — Jacqueline Hosek
Costume Assist — Damian Arya
Graphic Design — Kaidin Jarjusey
Editor — Alonso Indacochea & Jay Renteria
Script Supervisor — James Rodriguez
Sound — James Rodriguez & Matthew Atkins
Production Assistant — Taryn Bernicke
Original music by Matthew Atkins

"Commercial Endeavors" -- Composed and performed by Steven Shop


Narrator — Ryan Lewis
Restless partner — Jade Stokes
Annoyed partner — Ryan Lewis
George Barrio — Adrian Lopez
George's partner — Jordyn Bernicke
George's child - Jo Indacochea


2022 All Hallows' Eve Halloween Short Film Contest

  • Best Kill
  • Best Directing
  • 1st Place

2022 QTCinderella Spooky Halloween Film Festival -- Finalist

  • 10th Place

Behind the scenes

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