The Haunters

Ghost sci-fi comedy short

The Haunters is a sci-fi comedy short shot in October 2023 at MOOD in Albuquerque and at the Corrales Community Library in Corrales, New Mexico.


Written and Directed by Kaidin Jarjusey
Co-written by Benjamin Barker & Andrew Doerge
Edited by Kaidin Jarjusey
Produced by Alonso Indacochea, Kaidin Jarjusey & Jay Renteria

Director of Photography -- Cherrita Thao
1st Assistant Camera -- Chance Holmes-Snowden
2nd Assistant Camera -- Michael Madrigal & Ryuichiro Morgan
Gaffer -- Joshua Leininger
Key Grip -- Devin Holloway
Grip -- Colby Petropoulos & Jay Renteria
Assistant Director -- John FreelyKirk & Evelyn Romo
Production Designer -- Kaidin Jarjusey
Set Decorators -- Taryn Bernicke & Shea Jarjusey
Art Department -- Shea Jarjusey & Maxwell Silver
Costume Designer -- Briana Salazar
Special Effects Makeup -- Jade Stokes
Special Effects Supervisor -- Brandon Carter
Special Effects -- Kaidin Jarjusey
Foley -- Ryan Riddle
Sound FX -- Kaidin Jarjusey
Sound Mixer -- Matthew Atkins
Coloring -- Jay Renteria & Cherrita Thao
Production Assistants -- Dahlia Jarjusey, Shea Jarjusey, Evan Marquez & Thomas Ropp
Behind the Scenes -- Noah Tucker

Original Music by Matthew Atkins & Thomas Ropp

Additional Music by Kaidin Jarjusey

"Richard Fetus" by The 1-800s

Special Thanks - Corrales Community Library, MOOD


Isa -- Cameron Inman
Dr. Rickman -- Ryan Lewis
Elliot -- Keith Allen
Gentle Ghost -- Johnny Hoeft
Lady Ghost -- Jade Stokes


2024 Albuquerque Film Festival

  • Best Short Film

2024 Mindfield Film Festival

Behind the scenes


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The Dust Wave Show
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