Accessory to Murder and It's Going To Be Alright selected to the 2023 Dark Red Film Festival!

Nominated for a variety of awards, you can catch two projects by Dust Wave members in the upcoming Albuquerque horror festival.

Congratulations to everyone in the productions of "Accessory to Murder" and "It's Going to Be All Right" -- both films were selected to the 2023 Dark Red Film Festival!

behind the scenes
behind the scenes

In addition, both films are nominated for Best NM Short Film! "It's Going to Be Alright" is also nominated for:

  • Best "Holy F*ck" Moment
  • Best Effects
  • Best Story/Concept

Thank you to the Dark Red Film Festival staff for selecting and nominating our films!

"Accessory to Murder" was shot in December 2022 and the whole Dust Wave gang participated in making it, including:

  • Austin Madrid
  • Kathleen Holscher
  • Alonso Indacochea
  • Ryan Lewis
  • Matthew Atkins
  • Jay Renteria
  • Kaidin Jarjusey
  • Jade Stokes
  • Walker Martin
  • Frank Rangel
  • Caine Deegan
  • Colby Petropoulos
  • Jordyn Bernicke
  • James Rodriguez
  • Jacklyn Le
  • Camille Carlson
  • Jacqueline Hosek
  • Taryn Bernicke
  • Matthew Rodriguez
  • Benjamin Fuller

Special thanks to the Corrales Community Library, Rodriguez Catering Co., Story Quest Studios & MOOD for helping us make it happen!

"It's Going to Be Alright" was created by Camille Carlson and Brandon Carter (AKA Space Age Daydream). Cast & crew:

  • Cary and Lefty Larry — Brandon Carter
  • Ingrid — Camille Carlson
  • The Dog — Maple Bacon Donut
  • The Foot — courtesy of Tom O'Hara

Special thanks to Laura Morris and Joseph Barrett.

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