The Converger wins Best Film at the 2023 Albuquerque Sci-fi Horror 48 Hour Film Project!

The Converger wins a whole bunch of awards and Best Film!

Dust Wave's latest 48 Hour film, "The Converger", won a bunch of awards at the 2023 Albuquerque Sci-fi/Horror 48 Hour Film Project, including Best Film!

Behind the scenes

behind the scenes behind the scenes behind the scenes
behind the scenes behind the scenes behind the scenes behind the scenes behind the scenes

In addition, The Converger won the following:

  • Best Use of Genre
  • Best Makeup (Chelsea Swisher)
  • Best Set Design (Ryan Riddle)
  • Best Special Effects (Kaidin Jarjusey)
  • Best Actress (Liv Sim)
  • Best Writing (Brandon Carter)
  • Best Cinematography (Austin Madrid)
  • Best Directing (Phillip Torres)

Congratulations to the whole cast and crew!

  • Phillip Torres
  • Kaidin Jarjusey
  • Ryan Long
  • Austin Madrid
  • Harrison Sim
  • Cherrita Thao
  • Allen Hrynick
  • Laila Archuleta
  • Alex Torres
  • Frank Rangel
  • Rene Olivas
  • Colby Petropoulos
  • Jake Kietzman
  • Ryan Riddle
  • Elijah Kelly
  • Staci Drangmeister
  • Chelsea Swisher
  • Liv Sim
  • Gary Shaw
  • JP
  • John Dewar
  • Jazzy Zama
  • Shea Jarjusey
  • Original Music by Collin Troy

And a special thanks to:

  • Blue Sky Landscape Services
  • MOOD

And we would be remiss to not mention -- Dust Wave members Brandon Carter and Camille Carlson, AKA Space Age Daydream made a brand-new fantastic short, "Saturday Night Slice V"! Their film won the following awards:

  • Best Writing (Brandon Carter)
  • Best Editing (Brandon Carter)
  • 2nd Best Film

So what that means is ... Dust Wave will be in full effect at Filmapalooza 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal! Congratulations to all!

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